Panchalinga Waterfalls

Panchalinga waterfalls is situated near Udumalaipettai. This place is famous for meditation, waterfalls, temple and dam. The notable Thirumoorthy temple is locates just 3 km away from this falls. Sri Amanalingeswarar temple is also near this falls. This falls cascades from the height of 5 metres.

This falls never dries and is one of the perennial waterfalls in Tamilnadu. It takes a half an hour trekking to reach this falls. The view from the top of the falls will be mind-blowing, the falls is encircled by Thirumoorthy hills which offers a cool atmosphere and provides backdrop for many Indian films.

The water of this falls is crystal clear and devoid of any impurities, during rainy season it is dangerous to bath as the water current may be very furious. As you climb up the falls there is an open temple which originally consists of five lingams, which became the name of the falls, but now the temple is bare with only few ruins of the former statues. Locals say that due to heavy downpour during rainy season, many of the statues had been washed off.

Best time to visit:

To enjoy the full fun of this falls, make a trip during the months of November and June.

Other information:

Thirumoorthy hill is one of the picturesque hills in Tamilnadu and is a famous shooting spot. With such a pleasant backdrop Panchalinga falls stands with eternal beauty and attracts lots of tourists. Adjacent to this falls is the Thirumoorthy Dam. There is a swimming pool and a well laid out garden and boating facilities in the dam. This dam is located amidst a perfect spot, surrounded all sides by paddy fields, coconut groves and sunflower gardens


This falls can be easily accessible from Thirumoorthy temple road. The nearest bust stop is Thirumoorthy waterfalls. It is situated 50 Kms from Pollachi and 23 kms from Udumalipet on the highway from Palani to Coimbatore.
Buses are available from Udumalipet and Dharapuram via Dhali