Tamilnadu Amman Temples

Amman temples are very powerful and auspicious. Any incurable diseases and marriage obstacles will be annihilated once you step inside the temple. Visit all Amman shrines in Tamilnadu and seek the blessings of Amman.

Araikasu Amman Temple

Araikasu Amman – Ratanamangalam, Chennai

Araikasu Amman shrine is found only in Rathnamangalam. The goddess in the form of Parvathi, graces in a sitting form, with four hands, and adorned with snake crown with a crescent on top.


Deivanai Amman Temple

Deivanai Amman – Rayapuram

Deivanai Amman is not an incarnation of Shakthi or Lakshmi or Saraswathi, she is an ordinary woman of Tamilnadu, who transformed into Goddess by her incredible virginity. This fact may be amazing,


Kamatchi Amman Temple

Kamatchi Amman Temple – Kanchipuram

There are many Amman temples in and around Tamilnadu, but the most famous and powerful temple is Sir Kamatchi Amman temple at Kanchipuram. This temple sprawls across


Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman

Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman Temple – Seerkali

Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman temple is located in Seerkali. The main tower (raja Kopuram) of the temple faces the East, a tall trident ( shoolam), Neem tree and the tall flag post are present in the temple.


Kannaki Amman Temple

Kannaki Amman Temple – Gudalur, Kumuli

Kannaki is one of the greatest women in India, she is known for her peerless chastity and sacredness. She is an icon of all married women. This kannaki temple is located in a hillock near Theni.


Koppudai Amman Temple

Koppudai Amman Temple – Karaikudi

Koppudai amman is one of the famous temples in Karaikudi. The Amman in here graces attractively from her shrine and blesses the devotees in bounties. People of Karaikudi revere her as the healer