White Elephant Tooth, Yercaud

These set of lovely rocks are located at the distance of 26km from Yercaud. White elephant tooth rocks are a spectacular sight to behold from the granite embedded Tipperary viewpoint. These pair of whitish colour rocks are at the altitude of 120 feet. These shiny rocks are said to be the leftovers of the powerful meteors that hit the earth many centuries before. On top of the black granite hills these pair for whitish rocks looks like a crown and adds on to the beauty of the whole place. They are the crowning glory of the panoramic scenic environment.

The huge elephant tooth boulder is located on the southern wing of Shervaroy Hill, which is in the down slope of Guntur town. This immaculate white boulder look like a piece of pearl with evergreen floral and black granite as the backdrop. The other set of Elephant tooth overlooks the spectacularly curved Ghat road, which is about 60 feet high. This picturesque place can be accessed from Tipperary Estate.
More than sightseeing, people love this hillock as it is a perfect place to do trekking. These rock are very easy to climb and are less slippery. During weekend, we can spot lots of youngsters trekking through this hills. People who love adventure and thrill, will surely find this hills satisfying. This peaceful place is a perfect weekend getaway, for the one who love to relish nature, and camp in forests. The other small elephant tooth can be reached from Tipperary Estate. The adding beauty to this boulder is the gold mining activity done adjacent to this hillock.

How to reach:

An hour journey from Ghat road at Yercaud will take you to this little paradise. There are not many public transports to this place, as it is one of the offbeat destinations. But one can find lot of taxis and cabs, at Yercaud which can connect you to elephant tooth.